Partnership of Hope

"I will partner in solidarity with Haitians building a nation free of child slavery - one neighborhood at a time."

Leaders who completed Child Protection training in the Port-au-Prince
neighborhood of Place Sainte Anne.

Working together we can achieve great things.  In neighborhoods across Port-au-Prince, Beyond Borders together with our local partner is training thousands of adults to launch and accompany Child Protection Brigades.

You, your friends and family, congregation, neighborhood, school or classroom can provide critically needed support to these all-volunteer neighborhood guardians as they do everything they can to end child slavery (restavèk) and abuse.

Child Protection Brigades bolster a neighborhood’s capacity to:

  • Defend and Protect the Rights of All Children
  • Recognize and Intervene in Cases of Restavèk and Abuse
  • Challenge Attitudes that Tolerate Restavèk
  • Find Safe Havens for Children Living in Restavèk
  • Accompany Children in Seeking Police, Medical & Social Services
  • Identify and Include Adult Survivors of Restavèk in National Advocacy Efforts

Partners who commit to giving or raising the $7,200 needed to support the work in the neighborhood over one year will receive a Solidarity Partner Package, which includes:

  • A Description & Map of the Community with Whom You are Partnered
  • Quarterly Progress Reports Featuring Successes & Challenges Across All Communities
  • Photos from Child Protection Brigade Trainings & Awareness-Raising Events
  • Feature Stories on Child Protection Brigade Leaders

Join with Child Protection leaders in a Partnership of Hope and together we can end child slavery in Haiti - one neighborhood at a time.

"Men anpil chay pa lou."
With many hands the load is light.

We have 25 neighborhoods available for Partnership. For the security of our trainers working in these neighborhoods, the names of the communities and people working in them will only be released once the Partnership has been made.